Forever Battery | Aluminum or scrap metal battery.

If we come together all around the globe building these, can we end all needs for fossil fuels?

ExNube Cathodes & Aluminum Running DC Fans and More

Videos are on my Facebook showing a solar charge controller being powered by ExNube Cathode aluminum air batteries.

No solar panels. Just ExNube cathodes and trash aluminum. ExNube Cathodes are made using Bruce Diamond. #WhatIsBruceDiamond

#ExNube Cathode Forever Batteries are:

  • Extremely resistant to acids and bases.
  • Stable in extreme temperatures.
  • Compatible with nearly every metal element to create an “Air Battery” (They can pull energy from aluminum, zinc, steels, and numerous other metals with the most anodic materials being the best candidates for high performance and elements such as platinum or gold being poor choices 🙂 Use aluminum to generate electricity.

This is very real. I have a Master’s Degree in Engineering from the University of Louisville in Kentucky. I graduated with honors, top of my class. I was the LEED Administrator for the nations first two net-zero public schools. The schools generate more power from solar panels than they use.

The following could be used with todays modern technology such as solar and wind to completely eradicate most needs for fossil fuels. Aluminum, zinc, steel, and other elements are found everywhere around the world, in dirt…

Dirt can provide all the electricity humans need using ExNube cathodes.

I am calling them ExNube Cathodes. Please. Watch the video.

Revolutionary Forever Battery & DC Generators

Recycling scrap metals for electricity? Yes… Just watch. There is a lot to learn.Please help support the development of this revolutionary energy source!

ExNube Battery Cathodes & Aluminum